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Lumen is a simple and beautiful puzzle game for OS X and iPhone. The objective is to light up checkpoints by bouncing, coloring, and maneuvering a laser beam through obstacles. Although puzzles may seem easy at first sight, they can be quite a challenge. The careful attention to detail and the colorful graphics make Lumen a joy to play.


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The desktop version of Lumen allows you to explore board sizes much larger than the standard 7x7. The new puzzle selector allows you to quickly search and preview puzzles. The puzzle editor has been redesigned to make it easier to test a puzzle before submission. If you get too stuck on a puzzle, you can choose to see the solution and then move on to another one of the thousands available.


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Access the database of Lumen puzzles from your iPhone or iPod Touch! Lumen was one of the first games available on the App Store and is enjoyed by thousands of users. Although originally created for the desktop, it seems Lumen was meant for the iPhone.

Addictive Gameplay

Lumen is very simple and straightforward. There are only 5 simple parts to learn before you can begin playing. Although Lumen puzzles can be very challenging and engaging, Lumen does not have any timers or scores to worry about as you play. Just sit back and relax.

Edit Mode

After you have solved some puzzles, why don't you try your hand at creating a few? Lumen has an edit mode that lets you create, save, and share your own puzzles. Whether your new puzzle is a mind-bender or a piece of art is up to you.

Online Database

We couldn't have made it easier for you to share your Lumen puzzles. You can easily submit your puzzle to our online database from within the game. Lumen also makes it easy to play any one of over 5,000 puzzles that have already been submitted.

Delicious Graphics

Fiery Ferret strongly believes that interfaces should be beautiful. That sentiment is reflected in each detail of Lumen. The layout is simple and clean. No detail was spared in designing and crafting each and every puzzle piece.



Enjoyed Lumen? Would like to submit an idea for an awesome feature? Have a bug to report? We would love to hear from you. Contact us at You might also find our Support Page helpful.